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Our mechanics are dealer trained in all aspects

of German motor vehicles. We offer you exceptional service for all models of BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes and Porsche.

German car specialists



The world`s leading manufacturers would have you believe that to uphold your warranty you must have it serviced by the main franchised dealership -------- WRONG!!!!!!!


EU regulation set back in 2003 changed the rules with regards to servicing your vehicle. So this means that you can now have your car fully serviced by FARES & REPAIRS without the extortionate cost of dealership prices and without the fear of breaking your warranty conditions.

Dealer level service

without the cost

Auto Electronics

All modern vehicles are crammed full of electronics and computers that, from time to time, go wrong. When this happens our expert auto electricians offer rapid diagnosis.

As well as general maintenance and repairs

our expertise lies in air conditioning and auto electronic repairs. If your car is too hot or

suffering from an electrical fault, we will set everything right.

Specialist repair services

We get the job done right first time – with over 20 years' experience, exceptional product knowledge & expertise. Receive 6* reliable, friendly service.